Saturday, September 12, 2020


"Arguably, most doctors are not like us... we are the last line with the dying and (those with) the most severe illnesses. We are conditioned to work creatively and more aggressively under very limited time to reverse life threatening disorders."

From the Editor:

Having a front row seat to the inner workings of some of the top medical professionals in action is 
a great privilege that we as reporters enjoy when conducting interviews for Prevention101.  We report on chronic disease specialists who harness leadership through their own unique and even bold approach to returning their patients back to wellness. 

This unique feature covers two INTENSIVE CARE professionals; Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Young Lee- both active responders of the New York covid spike in early March of this year.  Dr. Kory (from Madison, Wisconsin) is a Pulmonologist, an ICU Covid Care Specialist and a medical researcher in advanced treatments of infectious diseases.  He is a recent transplant from NYC who found himself racing back into the exhausted front lines of Beth Israel Hospital at the height of the New York pandemic. 

- he was a program director for the fellowship program of pulmonary critical care. 

On the receiving end is Dr. Lee- at New York's Beth Israel Hospital (a branch of Mt. Sinai Health system).  
Yes. So dr. Corian us, we have a very long history. So my hospital is Mount Sinai, Beth Israel, which is like a branch hospital in this Mount Sinai system. We have a four Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, so we are one of them. Um, dr. Corey was actually with us, um, I will say five, six years ago. And before he left to Wisconsin, he was a program director for the fellowship program of pulmonary critical care at Mount Sinai, Beth Israel. Um, so we are struggling for sure. So Mount Sinai, Beth Israel, typically we have a 16 bed medical ICU, um, and typical, they have like, they like today we have 12 patients.

Dr. Kory details the unique personality of an intensivist, seeking out the highest hit areas in the country while sharing his views on the 

use of steroids to manage and treat CoronaVirus patients and explores his many findings about "what works vs. what works BEST" according to his experiences with patient response in the ICU.

Interview with an ICU Critical Care Physician