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With a confirmed global count of 9.27+ Million cases and 470,000+ deaths,  the world continues its desperate search for a treatment that will save the lives of COVID-19 patients who come into the ER or hospital with low oxygen levels or struggling to breathe.  Where the more popular treatment for patients in ICU is the use of ventilators, a reported 80-85% of Covid-19 patients on ventilators in New York end up dying (Associated Press and state and city officials).

A founding union of experts discuss the MATH+
protocol in this widely shared video: SEE LINK
Recently, a group of scholars specializing in critical care developed what appears to be an effective treatment protocol using a combination of medicines that is having remarkable success in hospitals that have adopted its use. According to the critical care physicians applying this formula, MATH+ manages multiple facets of the illness, such as sepsis, inflammation, severe clotting, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), all complications known to arise from CoronaVirus infection. This protocol is designed to counter the body’s overwhelming inflammatory response to the virus as it is this hyper‐inflammation, not the virus itself, that damages the lungs and other organs, and ultimately leads to multi-organ failure and death. (To view the complete video of the founding union of experts discuss the MATH+ protocol, visit:

The corticosteroid Methylprednisolone is a key component, based on large studies that have proven its effectiveness in prior viral pandemics‐ and whose potency is significantly increased when administered intravenously with high doses of the antioxidant Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is given to optimize cellular oxygen utilization and energy consumption, protecting the heart, brain, and immune system and the anticoagulant Heparin prevents (or breaks up) blood clots that increasingly appear as illness worsens. The + represents other supportive treatments by the administering doctor for patients who present other pre‐existing conditions (as needed). The group also plans to add or change components and dosing as published  medical  literature evolves.

This segment is based on a recent interview with Dr. Joseph Varon, Chief of Clinical Care at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, TX.  Dr. Varon introduces the MATH+ treatment solution from the Covid Unit of one of America's latest CoronaVirus epicenters.

According to the Texas Medical Center data, COVID-19 cases escalated from 267 in week 10 (5/31) to 962 in week 13 (6/21). "I've had the worst 48 hours of the last 84 days. I have received more patients over the last two weeks than in the last 10 weeks [totalled]. As the state opened up, people get crazy‐‐ this includes Memorial day weekend and last week's protest and mass gatherings. Out of all this, my ward is getting a flood of patients. I have tested more than 55,000 people for Covid in the Houston metropolitan area‐‐ and out of those 55,000, 10.5% are Covid positive. And these numbers in Texas are still going up."

Dr. Varon attributes the current increase in case numbers to the lack of social distancing among the general public as the state's lock‐down is released. "I'm seeing more cases now than I have ever seen. So I have to trust our data based on all that work that we have done as a group. The problem is that (at least) in Texas, when people got told that they can go out to restaurants, they act as if CoronaVirus is over! There is no social distancing, no masks... nothing. The virus is very unique and what we're seeing now, the severity of illness for us is increasing from all these mass gatherings... but also the people‐‐ they don't give too much attention to the virus. By the time they come to us, it's often too late. MATH+ works beautifully when you start early. So the sooner I can start you off, the better off you are!"

Medical data from UMMC Covid Patients
Treated with MATH+: Click to Enlarge
Countless news reports and researchers are now showing a significant percentage (75‐85%) of ventilated patients are ending in death. Interviews with medical experts state that patients who are ventilated typically have critical or dire conditions‐ whereby ventilators are not the cause of death.

According to the Journal of American Medical Assoc., "In (a) case series that included 5700 patients hospitalized with COVID‐19 in the New York City area, the most common comorbidities were hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Among patients who were discharged or died (n = 2634), 14.2% were treated in the intensive care unit, 12.2% received invasive mechanical ventilation, 3.2% were treated with kidney replacement therapy, and 21% died."

"When the pandemic started, my partner who owns a hospital was going crazy, trying to get ventilators. When we started working with MATH+, we actually changed the whole concept of treatment. Out of the last 70 patients that I've had with severe Covid, only two have required ventilators.  Why? Because I can manage most of the patients with high flow nasal cannula (HFNC), which are special devices that can provide large amount of oxygen comfortably to patients without having to put them on it on a respirator. Now this is not what's happening across the U.S. a lot of people are still using ventilators. A lot of people don't believe that when we tell them, once you put a patient on a mechanical ventilator, we're pretty much giving them more than 80% chance of dying. Information changes every day. In early March, I was probably thinking about ventilating a lot of people, but when I saw that MATH+ was working fabulously, that changed everything. And when we started to give them all these corticosteroids, ascorbic acid and the Heperin... they get well!"

"MATH+ Saved My Life" - In March, 2020, Jeffrey Boney of Houston, TX had fallen critically ill from the CoronaVirus and checked into critical care at United Memorial Medical Center.  Dr. Joseph Varon, frontline physician saved Mr. Boney through the use of FLCCC’s MATH+ protocol. (see Mr. Boney's video)

By: Dr. Joseph Varon

Dr. Paul Marik and I have been working together for close to 30 years. Since the middle of 2017, we've been working very closely on the H.A.T. protocol, (Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid and Thiamine) and we enrolled more than 1500 patients together. By the time the pandemic came around, that's when I met with Dr. Umberto Meduri (the world's Guru on corticosteroids) and educated us all on Methylprednisone as a better choice. Then other specialists and researchers came aboard like Dr. Jose Iglesias and Dr. Pierre Kory‐‐ the group just came together, all from video conferencing.

Like anything else in life, every time a new therapeutic intervention comes in, it's usually met with a lot of resistance. Oddly enough, I'm getting a lot of international acceptance. Domestically, acceptance is not there yet. We are still having issues of people here who are just afraid‐ of giving steroids because they think that patients are going to get worse. They're stuck on the idea of intubating everybody. Now, in all fairness, when I am in my regular ICU, if you sneeze, I will intubate you. I'll put you on a respirator. But if I am on the Covid unit, I will do whatever it takes to prevent you from getting ventilated.

Covid‐19 is a very liquid illness because of its ability to keep changing. What I'm doing today is not what I was doing 10 weeks ago. We're in June now, and we are in the process of (still) learning more about the disease... and (with concepts like MATH+), we are trying to implement things that are easy to adopt by everybody. As of today, in my hospital, we have a 96.7 percent success rate with MATH+ . When you look at the data from Dr. Marik’s hospital and some of the other members of FLCCC, we're talking about a 95%, success rate among everybody. That's by far the best therapeutic intervention that is out there for coronavirus.

(End of Part 1)
For complete information about the MATH+ treatment protocol, visit:



'The Front Line Critical Care formula of early steroids (methylpred), anticoagulation (heparin) and supplements (ascorbic acid) MATH+ transformed our care of COVID patients and has saved many many lives.  We have been using MATH + for months, successfully.  The Front Line's are to be commended for realizing that the virus causes an inflammatory disease with available therapies.  While a pandemic raged the Front Line created a treatment for COVID 19 through first principles, reading, listening and collaborating.  Skills and a clarity of thought that all doctors aspire to.  MATH+ has been available for months and is a game changer." - Dr. Peter Tofts (Baptist Memorial) MBBC Medical ICU director, Associate Professor Internal Medicine

"The incredible work that has emerged from the group of scholars working on the MATH+ formula for patient care reminds me of the importance of collaboration in medicine.  This treatment formula was designed with patient care in mind, during an unprecedented time in our history.  The formula has clearly been shown to be an effective treatment to combat the virus.  The combination of corticosteroids, ascorbic acid and the Heperin has effectively been shown to reduce severity of patient symptoms and greatly reduce the need for the ventilator.  This is certainly a step forward in treatment options for COVID19 patients."   Dr. Noelle Cutter (Molloy College | Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry) 

"I find the M.A.T.H.+ protocol to be a very intelligent approach to combining known proven treatments of COVID-19 into one complete protocol. From the experience of over 12.7 million worldwide cases and over 566,000 deaths, we learned COVID-19 can lead to an overwhelming inflammatory response to the virus which can lead to severe morbidityy. M.A.T.H.+ hits different points in the body’s over-reactive immune response; Methylprednisolone (a corticosteroid) decreases the body’s inflammatory response. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Thiamine (vitamin B1) optimizes cellular oxygenation protecting the vital organs and optimizes the immune system. Finally Heparin (anticoagulant) stops the known hypercoagulation which leads to strokes and organ failure as the organs lose their vital blood supply. I am truly very impressed with the combined scholarship to create this M.A.T.H.+ protocol. It will surely help physicians save lives." - Stephen A. Chagares, MD, FACS

"In global pandemics with changing guidelines such scholarly articles based on facts and effective treatment options provide useful insights. While  world awaits for vaccine and effective treatment for Covid, existing proven treatment regime like "MATH+"  provides evidence based guidance to fight the current  pandemic to majority of world deprived of  access to cutting edge medicines and vaccines immediately." - Smita Dhumal, MD, MS, CCRC / Clinical Trial Manager at Amgen

"A group of scholars, specializing in critical care has developed MATH+ protocol, which reveals to be a fantastic treatment combating the virus Covid19 until a vaccine has been found. This, by fighting the hyper-inflammation that damages the lungs, with a less expensive treatment, and thus, affordable to everybody. This group of scholars have demonstrated how important is team work between scholars and teachers, and Dr. Varon reported that MATH+ protocol has provided until 96.7 percent success rate in his hospital."  - Sergio Marcucci, DO, MSc, DHSc / Private Practice of osteopathic medicine (Luxembourg), A. T. Still University College of Graduate Health Studies

"As a health coach one of my goals is to help my clients reduce inflammation in their body. Chronic Inflammation causes the body’s inflammation response to eventually damage the body’s healthy cells, tissues and organs.  Ventilators being used are only enabling COVID-19 patients to breathe however a protocol such as MATH plus that uses a combination of medicines such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Thiamine to protect the heart, brain and immune system is battling the chronic inflammation that leads to failure of organs. It’s a functional approach and provides a chance of survival as well as a possibility of counteracting future disease."  - Sonia Bhatia, MBA, INHC (

"To unite like minds toward a powerful goal (like saving lives) has always been a global effort worth pursuing.  This article about MATH+ was tremendous... it raised the bar of awareness as far as bringing out information that most people may not have heard about. It captivated me to read more about Dr. Varon, Dr. Marik and the entire group of doctors involved! As we are all quarantined and locked into the watching grim news, this is the BEST news I've read in months!"  - Carmen Regallo-Dewitt, PhD / Medical research/columnist for | 

By: Adrian Barrios

June 24, 2020- Months into the CoronaVirus pandemic, the tally of efforts expended by government health agencies and professionals worldwide has been noted to significantly exceed any global campaign in history.  Economists tend to use war terms to help put the pandemic's containment efforts and collateral damage in perspective.  IMF's chief economist Gita Gopinath,  (in an April 15 news conference) stated that "the best case scenario, the world is likely to lose a cumulative $9 trillion in output over two years"- making this a global war 3x the fiscal size of World War II.

As with past wars, alliances were formed, industries were committed to task and scientists worldwide have united by sharing information toward this single directive. The Department of Global Communications (U.N.) announced their drive to mobilize global cooperation in science-based COVID-19 responses, "The United Nations is mobilizing international cooperation to harness the power of science to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, while also working with partners to explore innovative crisis response tools."

Unlike the early months of the year, the second quarter showed the front lines to finally "catching up to the war efforts" with installments of these comprehensive containment measures:
  • a dedicated testing strategy & global data tracking
  • ample access to Covid tests and antibody testing
  • policy enforced education about preventive and safety guidelines
  • ample manufacturing of medical equipment and medicines
  • consistent PPE supply & distribution chains
  • trained critical care response personnel
  • lab research for therapeutics and vaccines

"The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the interconnected nature of our world – and that no one is safe until everyone is safe.  Only by acting in solidarity can communities save lives and overcome the devastating socio-economic impacts of the virus.  In partnership with the United Nations, people around the world are showing acts of humanity, inspiring hope for a better future." - United Nations

World medical conferences and international forums unite
multidisciplinary experts to continue global info-sharing
This pandemic has clearly illustrated that "Scientists by nature do not see borders or politics - only solutions", states Dr. Robert Bard, cancer diagnostics expert (NYC). "The spirit of teamwork is alive and well with this community- especially in a crisis. Historically, medical and scientific people have always raced to the front lines - always at the ready to pool resources and collaborate.  Like the domestic and international health associations, we continue to see some of the sharpest clinical minds in the world- including American teams that are now coming out with promising protocols to help end this pandemic.  To contain and eliminate this human threat means UNITING WITH SCIENCE AND WORKING TOGETHER ON A COORDINATED GOAL."


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