Monday, October 16, 2023

NY Cancer Resource Meetings get a Global Network Boost

Meet the new INTEGRATIVE CANCER RESOURCE SOCIETY!  With recently elected  Executive Director, Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya (Sta Barbara, CA), the group is a much expanded platform  that started from the NY Cancer Resource Alliance.  ICRS is an all-volunteer self-funded (Linkedin Based) independent volunteer group of non-profit foundations/charities, clinical professionals, researchers and community leaders joined under the spirit of collaboration and partnership.  Meetings and collaborative connections are conducted to explore new ideas in support to cancer patients, survivors and all those seeking current information about cancer care.  

New ICRS Brand Pursues Borderless Collaboration for Research & Advocacy
According to Dr. Robert Bard, one of the founding clinical advisors of the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, "forging a global alliance of clinical professionals allows for a much wider scope of collaborative exchange from the international community of clinicians and researchers. I have always enjoyed different scientific approaches from abroad alongside my extended training from other countries. Decades later, I have amassed a significant network of collaborative minded health specialists from  Australia, Europe and Asia (remotely), arming me with new technologies and methodologies.  Decades in (and thanks to the world wide web), the trend of globalized connectivity is (just) now becoming more commonplace in our healthcare system- but we have ways to go for ideas from other continents to align with ours. The future is clear; formalizing a BORDERLESS coalition brings more resources and concepts for consideration when it comes to resources and patient care modalities- especially when it comes to cancers and any other health disorders.  And having our California partners (like Dr. Montoya) build our bi-coastal presence was a great start."

Meeting #1 about Women's Cancers
9/21/2023 - A new collaboration concept introduces THE COALITION OF WOMEN'S CANCER ORGS, uniting a round table discussion with public advocates, educators and clinical experts in support of new cancer research programs and resource initiatives.  

The ICRS Women's Powermeet* Series was originally was spearheaded by Dr. Noelle Cutter & Dr. Roberta Kline in 2021 as a digital mixer that brought together advocates and dedicated experts from various sciences during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Powermeets tradition invites only 9 speakers per meeting to fill what was formerly known as the "9 Squares of Care"- to account for a well-balanced and manageable number of introductions and collaborative exchange. 

"We had many attempts at formatting... both time management and getting the right number of invitees was important.  The success ofo network building is about learning about everyone and making the time to explore synergy", stated Joe Cappello of "Are You Dense?" Foundation.

This season's mixer was managed and co-moderated by Lennard Gettz (founder of NYCRA). The first half of the event presented 2 cancer clinicians-   Dr. Robert L. Bard & Dr. Noelle Cutter speaking about UPDATES IN CANCER CARE.  Dr. Cutter is an assoc. professor at Molloy University, a clinical researcher at Cold Spring Harbor Labs and is part of research programs about Dense Breasts and its link to Breast Cancer. Dr. Bard is a seasoned NYC-based cancer researcher & imaging specialist focused on Breast, Ovarian, Skin and Prostate.  

“It is incredibly important for Cancer Support Community Greater NY & CT at Gilda’s Club (formerly Gilda’s Club Westchester) to collaborate with community partners to empower cancer patients and their families”, says Debbie Vincent, Director of Outreach and Clinical Partnerships. "Opportunities to join with other cancer-focused individuals and organizations, such as those provided by the ICRS Powermeet virtual conferences, enable us to learn from one another, consider new ways to advocate for those impacted by cancer, and join forces to launch important initiatives.”

The second half of the virtual event was moderated by Dr. Roberta Kline, co-founder of the Women's Diagnostic Network, Mommies on a Mission (dot org) and Editor of the Women's Health Digest. Dr. Kline is an OB/GYN and a Genomics specialist with vast experience in women's disorders. She invited some of the most recognized advocacy groups including "GILDA'S CLUB WESTCHESTER" (with Debbie Vincent & Andrea Markowitz), "ARE YOU DENSE? FOUNDATION" (with Joe Cappello), THE NY STEM CELL INSTITUTE/Ovarian Cancer Research (with Laura Andres‐Martin) and Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya, recently elected as the Executive Director of the Integrative Cancer Resource Society.

*The Underdiagnosed Woman"- published by the NY Cancer Resource Alliance: 10/27/2021- Written by Graciella Davi & Lennard Gettz.


NANCY'S LIST: The Power of Compassion and Loving Help

10/12/2023- For so many in the cancer community, it is rare to spot a bouquet of white roses and not think about the kindness and the giving spirit of Dr. Nancy Novack, founder and CEO of Nancy's List (  This year, Nancy (as she prefers to be addressed) was inducted unanimously by the collective board of the Integrative Cancer Resource Society (ICRS) as "the Top 2023 Cancer Crusader" during the Fall Women's Roundtable Powermeet Conference.  

This meeting, hosted by the Coalition for Women's Cancers aligned a special grouping of community leaders, clinicians and advocates working together to share information about the current state of cancer care. "It was such an honor to finally be connected with Nancy", starts Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya- recently elected executive director of ICRS. "You couldn't be in the cancer awareness community and not hear about Nancy's List. To hear firsthand HER story (with that soft and genuinely loving voice) including how it all started truly hits you deep into your soul- and makes you want to be part of her mission!"

Nancy's List is a free website that started in 2008, researching, organizing and publishing resources for cancer patients and survivors. According to the website, it's core beliefs "inspire community-wide support system for children, teens, and adults who are living with, through, and beyond cancer.  Nancy's List is a compassionate grassroots effort committed to significantly improving the quality of life for these individuals, their families, and their caregivers.  

INSPIRING OUR COMMUNITY "TO BE THE VERY BEST IT CAN BE" - From an interview by: Nancy Novack

I am a survivor of 20 years of stage four ovarian cancer. I knew nothing about cancer at that time, and just was complaining of what I thought was an appendicitis attack. (Of course) that didn't turn out that way. I was swept away to Stanford where I was treated pretty traditionally by a wonderful man whom I have a tremendous amount of respect and trust in- and I haven't had a recurrence in 20 years. I love being Stanford's poster poster child, but I think in the process I learned a great deal about the psychology (which I'm a psychologist) of cancer. I don't have the medical knowledge, but I certainly understand the psychology within my work with so many cancer patients. (see complete spotlight on Nancy Novack of Nancy's List)

2024 CLINICAL PROFILE OF THE DENSE BREAST PARADIGM - for the Obstetrics & Gynecology Society 
Written by: Roberta Kline, MD
Published by ICRS Medical Press Ltd.

Breast cancer affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of women every year and is a leading cause of death.  While we have made great progress in advancing earlier diagnosis and more individualized treatments, we still need to improve our approach to achieve our ultimate goal - prevention. This requires a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms and the multitude of factors that contribute to the development of breast cancer.  

Dr. Roberta Kline, recognized speaker and publishing crusader for women's health brings you a comprehensive review and a deep-dive analysis of the current research  findings about breast density and its major risk factors for breast cancer.  Her reports uncover current imaging practices and clinical protocols updated in great support of breast density detection and the means of addressing this growing condition that affects over 45% of the female population. "Knowing a woman has greater breast density is a critical first step, but it doesn’t end there... we need to go further by understanding the causes of breast density, and how they relate to breast cancer-- we now have another avenue to proactively intervene to reduce risk or even prevent breast cancer in the first place."  This textbook is a champion in targeting the Dense Breast Paradigm as a blueprint and a clear course study for all clinical professionals who are dedicated to women's early detection and prevention programs. (More information)

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