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By: Editorial Staff of NY Cancer Resource Alliance

Since 1974, Dr. Robert Bard has been the imaging partner of choice for countless medical centers and private practitioners in the NYC area and the Northeast region.   He has authored an expansive list of medical texts and articles in medical journals about cancer imaging and reports about technological innovations. Moreover, he remains active throughout his unending career by having presented in over 200 medical summits, symposiums and conferences both domestic and in Europe.

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Dr. Bard holds a vital place in clinical diagnostic history having worked directly with some of the most acclaimed leaders in NY medical science. In 1976, he collaborated with Dr. Henry Leis Jr., (1915-2003) one of the clinical founders and the first publisher about mammography as a non-invasive cancer imaging program.  Together, they joined the effects of the mammogram and ultrasound technology to form the first truly complete breast cancer screening- a discipline which is still being practiced in medical centers today.  Dr. Bard also worked closely with recognized American oncologist Dr. Donald Morton (1934-2014), Chief of the Melanoma Program at the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, CA- who is regarded as having developed the sentinel lymph node evaluation.  This procedure continues today to save our healthcare system an annual est. $4 Billion in breast cancer and melanoma treatments.   Another medical leader and former partner of Dr. Bard was Dr. Selig Strax (1909-1999) from Mt. Sinal Medical Center- who introduced the first lumpectomy operation for breast conservation- a proven method adopted throughout the US medical community.  These trailblazers and many others relied heavily on Dr. Bard’s expertise to help change the shape of patient treatment and medical research today.

Where most practitioners may look upon a 40+ year commitment as a time to bring their work to a close, one could find Dr. Bard accelerating in performance and his ambition to build.  In 2001, Dr. Bard established a non-profit medical research and educational institute called The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research & Development- formalizing his pursuits to build new collaborative partnerships to lead clinical trials, public awareness projects, funding scholarships, erecting public cancer screening programs and publishing new findings in health research & technologies.
In addition, Dr. Bard spearheaded specialized diagnostic programs for rare yet controversial interest groups such as: Male Breast Cancer victims, First Responders cancers and Breast Implant Lymphomas- to name a few. His “CancerScan” series also has a direct partnership branch serving progress imaging for the patients of specialized modalities like Stem Cell practitioners and Cannabis physicians.  Through the public sector, his leadership role at the NY Cancer Resource Alliance helped to form the grassroots “Get Checked Now!” campaign for community groups to promote the message of a proactive lifestyle and to subscribe to a vigilant Early Detection and Prevention schedule.
As a practicing cancer radiologist, Dr. Bard stays current on all health trends- including treatment solutions and innovations that are evident in shaping the world of treatment. Both his practice and his educational efforts primarily support NON-INVASIVE pursuits as he believes this is the key direction clinical medicine.  He themes the “FUTURE WITHOUT SCALPEL” message through much of his writings and seminars- earmarking the evolution of ultrasonic and laser advancements. Oftentimes, his presentations tend to conclude with a brow raising correlation between our latest diagnostic and treatment approaches to that of the Sci-Fi medical devices.

Dr. Bard maintains a strong following of clinical alliances, joint venture partners and collaborators.  "I am hoping Dr. Bard’s advanced ultrasonic screening becomes the foundation for development of future protocols for screening and diagnostic imaging for all patients. Hopefully, these protocols using this ultrasound technology can be incorporated with other safety programs to create the best medical care possible for all cancer patients,” states Dr. Stephen Chagares, (NJ) breast cancer surgeon.

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