Friday, May 3, 2019

"Armchair Seminars": The New Trend in Public Education

April 19, 2019, Dix Hills, NY-  Stem Cell Specialist Dr. Andrew J. Rochman test-drove a new and growing trend in private seminars and clinical public speaking.  Where doctors have often presented on stage at medical conferences, trade shows and wellness expos, a new face in info-sharing delivery is fast becoming the preferred environment for public speaking for private health education.

We've talked about doing a public speaking event for quite some time", says Dr. Rochman. "Finding the right location and setting defines the very personality of the message and until now, we couldn't come up with that proper venue that made sense for this topic. When you think about Stem Cell being a very modern yet exploratory science targeting such a wide range of patient types, ages, lifestyles and cultures... I couldn't see this happening in a classroom or a corporate theater. Knowing this audience, that type of setting would evoke so much stuffiness and tension to the message whereas bringing this into a home setting level (like what we did) allowed us to go from academic & clinical dialogue into a sharing circle- capturing the same nuance of visiting your uncle's house."

With less-than a and would ask about this highly curious pain treatment modality that continues to evolve, advance and capture new ground.  Sufferers of othopedic injuries, COPD, auto-immune disorders & arthritis are usually the popular caller.  But over time, other unique cases such as Parkinson's, Diabetes, Stroke and MS are now catching up to medical reports of success in being managed with cell regenerative therapies.
two week lead time, Dr. Rochman's office contacted as far back as four months worth of phone inquirers.  Men and women of all ages often connect from his website (

Thanks to the recent revolution in information (web) access, exploring new modalities for pain relief has become so much easier.  Medical speaking events and private seminars like this one certainly help the overall decision-making process, but the average attendee came with a certain amount of collective knowledge about the topic before walking in the door as reflected by the questions they asked. Event promoter Robyn Stimmel donated her lovely suburban abode (Dix Hills, NY) to this educational experiment. "Personally, attending a seminar of this intensity should be in an atmosphere that's comfortable in its surroundings.  I volunteered my home to have Dr. Rochman deliver this  Regenative Medicine seminar because it felt like a good match with his warm and engaging presence.  We got great positive feedback about the intimacy from the cozy environment we created!"

Dr. Rochman's event team explored a bevy of options for the launch of this speakere series. Understanding this type of audience plays a major role in the design of this educational program -including the use of Ms. Stimmel's home.  "The very topic of stem cell tends to attract fairly educated individuals who are active in researching for better answers", states Dr. Rochman. "This is a grown-up crowd who have significant health concerns. With those concerns also come a certain level of disappointment and distrust in prior treatment solutions... and the last thing they need is to be 'talked down to' with more pedantic medical jargon.  The same way I talk to any of my patients, this audience deserves real education and down-to-earth facts that anyone can understand."


Dr. Andrew J. Rochman is a NY Board-Certified Surgeon and a leader in advanced surgical techniques. He is a graduate of Colgate University and received his formal medical training from Nordestana University in 1981. He is an active member of the American Medical Association, the Medical Society of the State of New York, Nassau County Medical Society and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Rochman currently manages several practices in the specialized sciences of advanced vein therapy, gallbladder surgery and stem cell therapy.  For more information on his current practice, visit: 

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