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Essentials of Cancer Prevention & Early Detection- by: Dr. Jesse Stoff

This presentation was written and delivered by Dr. Jesse A. Stoff, Immunology Specialist at the 2019 Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference. It covers the major fundamentals that you can do to reduce your risk of getting cancer or a recurrence of cancer.

Nowadays, most cancers are initiated or triggered, by a toxin. Toxins, in high enough levels of concentration and the right type, can lead to cancer spikes in various populations. In the place where I live on Long Island, New York, it is known as a cancer cluster. We have the highest instances of breast and prostate cancer and the highest instances of thyroid disease in the United States.  Other places that are notable for cancer spikes are the infamous Love Canal. It brings back many memories for people. Nonetheless on Long Island, we have to deal with the toxins that were dumped there from Grumman and Fairchild Hiller and other members of the aerospace industry primarily during World War II.

Toxins are the number one cause of cancer initiation. It's toxins that get people into trouble in terms of cancer.  The kind of toxins that we are worried about are the petrochemicals, volatile organic hydrocarbons and heavy metals are on the top of the list.

What these toxins do is they can interact in several places in the sequence to initiate the activity of this particular enzyme called COX-2. This is a major enzyme that leads to an inflammatory response in the body. There are many toxins that can directly trigger the activity of COX-2 in the production of this Prostaglandin or PGE2 which ultimately leads to activation of the ERa receptor. There are two major receptors that are involved in transmission and information of estrogen, ERa and ERb. ERa is one that ultimately through activation of this enzyme and the CYP1B. These two add to the production of four hydroxy netradyle and the initiation of breast cancer.

Now, the initiation of a cancer does not mean that the person is actually going through to develop that disease, and that's very important, because initiation is just one step in the whole process. Once the cancer has been initiated, they only have issues of promotion and progression before they actually have a major problem. When we're looking at issues of promotion and progression, we're not talking about the toxins anymore. What we're talking about is the internal biochemistry of the individual. That's when it has an impact on the ability of the body to stop the cancer, to reverse the early cancers and to prevent the progression. All of us produce a certain number of cancer cells every day.

Many of you who have had cancer know about blood tests for tumor markers. And if you've ever looked at the normal range of a tumor marker, you'll see that the normal range is not 0 to 0. It's 0 to some number. And the reason is because all of us produce a certain number of cancer cells. Through the activity of our immune system, it destroys those cells. It identifies and destroys them and releases these proteins into the blood that we can measure as tumor markers, and we all run low levels of these things.
It's only when the immune system can't identify the abnormal cells anymore that they're allowed to progress into a cancer. The risk of getting cancer or the risk of getting a recurrence of cancer is inversely related to the health, strength and structure of your immune system. So, that's something to keep in mind because we're trying to prevent future problems.

As mentioned earlier, toxins are the number one way that cancers get initiated, and one of the things you might think about doing are some basic detox things on a regular basis.  A simple Google search will get you started on this path to better health. As one example of many, you’ll find that plastic bottles are not the best form of bottle water. Glass is better because if plastic bottles get hot, they can breakdown a little bit and create some issues, but it's better than what comes out of the tap around here.

A recent article that came out December of 2018 in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) that looked at organic foods in terms of cancer prevention. They concluded that eating an organic diet decreased the risk and risk of recurrence of all known cancers. An organic diet means you’re basically avoiding the toxins that could be cancer initiators, but you're also eating a diet that has a much higher nutrient density that your body needs in order to function and work properly.

For cancer to progress, it has to be a certain amount of genetic instability. Some common supplements include:
  • Vitamin D3
  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Curcumin
  • Supforaphane
  • Fish Oil
  • Green Tea
  • IV’s

There are others- and they act as genetic stabilizers. These things can help to limit, stop and reverse the progression of cancers in the different stages of this plasia, metaplasia, neoplasia, etc.

So, the progression of cancer isn't based upon the initiation, it's based upon the internal value chemistry of the person who's fighting it off. And these are some of the things that can stabilize those genetics.

Now, blood tests can give us a rough idea of where we are because the blood test will tell us about our internal biochemistry. There are four biochemical pathways that allow a cancer to progress, and those four pathways are oxidation, glycation, methylation and inflammation. So, here we have:
  • glycation
  • oxidation
  • methylation
  • and inflammation
-as the four major pathways that allow for cancer cells to progress into a disease. There are more sophisticated tests available as well.  But, nonetheless, this will look at those four internal pathways that allow for that progression.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the risk of getting cancer or recurrence is based upon the structure and function of the immune system. These are some very simple basic tests that one can order, any doctor can order these to see where you stand in that whole risk of cancer issues.

Some essential things that you should start doing today to modify your risk of getting cancer or a recurrence of cancer.

Water Testing & Filtration: First, go to and find out what's in your water. This is a free website with a national database then find out what the appropriate filter is that you need to get in order to filter that stuff out. There are many filters on the market and there are several that I like but nonetheless, the filter that you use should be tied to the toxins that you're exposed to.

Organic diet: This is critical. See (link)

Toxic Non-Metal Chemical test & Chelation: We want to start finding out what's already in your system so we can do something about it. GPL-TOX PROFILE (Toxic Non-Metal Chemicals text) is one of many tests that are available that looks at nonmetal chemicals.   Nonmetal chemicals that are toxins or are carcinogenic are basically the volatile organic hydrocarbons and this will test for 172 of them. If you find these things in your system, there are different medical things that can be done to chelate these things out and pull them out of your system before they have a chance to initiate a cancer.

Urine Test: When we're looking at heavy metals, visit This is a urine test, very simple test that your doctor can order to see what heavy metals in your system are there that can, again, be carcinogenic and initiators of cancer. If you find that these things are in your system, you want to pull them out before you have a lump. 

Comprehensive Toxicology Test: Next, if you've been exposed to some chemicals or toxins that aren't on the previous list, this is a national reference laboratory for toxicology, the number one in the country. ( They test for over 2500 different things, but at that point, it's a very specific test that you're ordering. So, if you know that you've been exposed to a certain chemical or toxin, you want to see to what extent it may be in your system, this test will tell you the answer.

Toxicity Result/Data Research: Now, if you've been exposed to a certain chemical or toxin as we all have and you find it's in your system and you're concerned about what it might do to you, this is a website ( run by our government. In the search bar, put in immune system and whatever that chemical is and find out what it does to your immune system because the immune system again is the part of our biochemistry that keeps us out of trouble relative to cancer. And you can also put in as a search term the name of that chemical and the word cancer. But you have to put in the work and in order for it to do an accurate search for you.

Confirmation Screening tests: If you're concerned from a screening point of view as to whether or not you already have cancer cells in your body, IVYGENE is an advanced blood test that performs like a liquid biopsy, and it looks for a specific change in genetics that indicate the activity of cancer cells. ( FDA cleared the test for breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer. If it comes back elevated, please get yourself screened and find out where it is. This is all part of early detection. They expect by the end of this year they'll be FDA cleared for over a dozen different cancers. There are other companies that are working on developing even more sophisticated versions of liquid biopsies, but at this point, this is the only game in town.

Start with Detox, Water and Organic diet. Target improved nutrition and acquire supplements that can stabilize the genetics if it seems you are at higher risk. Lab tests to check your biochemistry and immune system for a shift in structure & function. Lab test for different toxins. Liquid biopsy- (IvyGene) which happens to be the only one on the market that looks for the activity of cancer cells before they have formed a tumor.  

Lifestyle of course, plays a risk in terms of developing cancer, toxin exposure, stress and increase in levels of inflammation in the body. So, engage in activities that modify your level of stress. The two easiest ways of dealing with stress is sleep- particularly the sleep before midnight. The other way to easily deal with stress is by doing things for fun. Now, in medicine, we have a definition for everything. Fun is defined as doing something for the experience and not the outcome.

If the liquid biopsy comes back positive, we have screening exams, ultrasounds, mammograms, MRIs,  physical exams. And the point of all of this that I'm sharing with you today is to reduce your risk now and in the future about getting any sort of cancer or recurrent if you've already had it so that you can live long and prosper.

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