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Introducing the experience-based review and observational case study of Dr. Leslie Valle of Santa Barbara, CA.  Dr. Valle is the clinical director of BIOMED LIFE, a comprehensive integrative medical program comprised of biological, energy and lifestyle medical practice.  Dr. Valle incorporates her fundamental medical training and expanded knowledge in advanced healing arts including a Cancer Wellness and Chronic Disease program in support of helping people activate their own healing mechanism.  Her avid research in modern modalities and alternative innovations led to the implementation of binaural beats and blue/red light therapy- elements she found efficacious in a device called "BrainTap".

Dr. Leslie Valle / Edited by: Dr. Roberta Kline

Most people have two underlying health issues as a common denominator, sleep deprivation and stress management. Sometimes this comes hand-in-hand with one another.  If we allow it to control our lives, stress can become a silent killer.  This is why as an initial consultation I make sure I get an analysis of everyone's heart rate variability (HRV).  I prefer to have a measurement of function and dysfunction before I read patients complaints and concerns, so I can scientifically show patients their levels of stress, sleep health and brainwave patterns.  The majority of the population firmly believes stress is present in their day-to-day life but never plays a dominant role.  I’ve had patients tell me they are not that much stressed - just “normal” stress.  Until I show them their own HRV analysis, at that point they have acknowledged they adapted to their level of stress and they believe it's normal. 


Lack of quality sleep (7-8 hours of sleep) contributes to the following:

    - Weight gain
    - Brain dysregulation
    - Diabetes
High blood pressure
    - a
nd the possibility of increase risk of cancer

If we don’t sleep we can’t regenerate.  Quality sleep allows our bodies to restore, regenerate and recharge.  And the solution should not push patients to seek more medication.  The answer is binaural beats.  Unlike meditation apps, binaural beats produce brainwave training without discipline effort.  Most of us don’t know how to meditate and with the use of BrainTap we can begin to experience the benefits of meditation; which improves energy levels, memory, quality sleep and a boost in their parasympathetic state (where we rest, recover, rebuild, restore and heal).  Not all mediation apps have the neuroscience technology that BrainTap can offer. BrainTap relies on four key elements that enable the sessions to induce brainwave training: Binaural beats, guided visualization, 10-cycle holographic music and isochronic tones.  The overall goal with the use of binaural beats is to decrease stress and improve your sleep quality.

A potential remedy for loss of sleep: I used to work night shifts and I was always concerned that I would never recuperate from those sleepless nights.  Many of us suffer from sleepless nights; whether it is from jet lag or late night study hours in college or suffering from a chronic disease or simply being under constant stress - now we have a tool to help us have better sleep health.  And the solution is a drug-free treatment called Binaural Beats.

One thing I ask from patients is commitment and patience. Patients have noticed it took more than one session to get used to guided meditation and dual voice.  But with patience and commitment, users have learned to love BrainTap and found it to be easily accessible to add it as part of their healing modalities.  Here, I present 3 cases of how I was able to measure before and after in patients with the use of BrainTap.

CASE EXAMPLE 1: Managing Stress

A 67 year old female was referred for stress management late January. Her stress index was over the normal range and she was aware of it but not to the extent that she could visually see it graphed in front of her. Her heart rate variability analysis showed dominance in sympathetic nervous system, sleep patterns disturbed; high percentages in Delta brain wavelength and her biological age reading her only one year younger to her actual age.  My main focus to help her regulate and manage her stress was to help her build her nonexistent brain wavelengths. For the following 6 months she learned to change her lifestyle but implemented fasting once a week, the use of PEMF therapy  and the use of binaural beats to help manage her stress levels.  She was aware that stress will always be present in her line of work at this stage in her career but learned how to manage it.  She used binaural beats four times a week and learned to love guided meditations.

At her six month consultation and after the use of binaural beats 3-4 times a week her HRV analysis brought much relief to her mind.  Her stress index lowered 70 points and her sympathetic nervous system was reduced back to normal. Her brain entrainment was regulated and her biological age was now reading her a young 53 year old. She was ecstatic to see with the simply use of binaural beats and without medication she was able to bring her body out of adrenal fatigue and able to regulate and manage her stress.

CASE EXAMPLE 2PTSD / Cancer Diagnosis

87 year old female with cancer diagnosis and PTSD along her lifetime presented in a hopeless state to help diminish her stress levels.  Her HRV analysis showed poor regulation, psychoemotional stress present and a biological age of 96.  She understood having a cancer diagnosis did not help alleviate the sense of pending doom of end of life.  

After one short month of daily sessions with PEMF and Binaural beats, not only did her stress levels reduce 500 points but her biological age reversed to 84 years of age.  She knew a shift had occurred in her biology and her psychoemotional state but was also excited to feel the beautiful side effects of binaural beats of regulating her sleep health.  

She continues to thrive and build courage in my practice as she turned 88 this year going on 80.  She happily drives herself to my office for daily sauna and cold plunges.  She wants to make sure she stays youthful and able to maintain the stresses of life in a tolerable state that we can’t avoid. but only learn to manage. 


CASE EXAMPLE 3: Alopecia

56 year patient began her consultations in desperate help in stress management.  She began losing her hair 4 months ago and believes her biggest common denominator is stress related.  Her HRV not only showed off the charts stress index but non-existent neurohormonal levels, low brain wavelengths and a biological age of 69 years of age.  She was terrified with the analysis but not surprised.  She continued her sessions for adrenal support, stress management and brain entrainment.  She was not a big fan at first of BrainTap as she learned to let go and listen.  Her daily  sessions and commitment help fell in love with the voice on the other side of the binaural beats.  


In four months her stress levels were manageable as her stress index decreased into the normal range (10-100), her energy resources were abundant and her biological age decreased from 69 to a healthy 45 year old. She was very pleased to see the drastic change with the use of BrainTap in combination with Ondamed.  She can now manage her stress and can focus on working on her sleep health.

Another common advantage to this energy therapy is managing ANXIETY within the younger generation. I've seen a lot of teenagers in my office recently for just anxiety purposes, which I think has been amplified during this recent era. To introduce the BrainTap device while on an infrared bed, or sitting in ONDAMED® session has opened up that possibility that they can be able to manage their anxiety, which is sometimes not easy to do with a counselor or a psychologist.   The use of BrainTap has been extremely beneficial for the young population. There are numerous ways to incorporate different methods of biohacking your mind and body into your daily routine. (See complete article)

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