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Written by: Roberta Kline, MD 

Analyzing STRESS & ANXIETY from a holistic point of view means identifying the body’s interconnected systems (ie. circulatory, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine etc.) and its many touch points for stimulation.   This analysis should also offer a comprehensive breakdown of the body's HEALING capacity- which includes our hormones, digestive system, immune system, brain, heart-- all the way down to our cells and mitochondria.  

Stress is part of life, and comes in many forms including physical, emotional, mental and environmental. Foods we eat, unhealthy relationships, difficulties at work, toxins in our environment, even poor posture or lack of sunshine can all create stress on our bodies. But when stress is catastrophic or becomes chronic, it creates imbalances in this functioning that are much more likely to promote disease while at the same time preventing healing from taking place. [1]

With people under record levels of chronic stress, it is no wonder we have an epidemic of people suffering from all sorts of health issues and chronic diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, pain, anxiety, depression, infertility, cancer, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s …. These are just some of the many health conditions that have been linked to diet and lifestyle including chronic stress. [2, 3] But how does this work? And is meditation the answer to reversing this trend? Science is revealing some interesting clues.

One big connection is our nervous system. Our nervous system is our superconductor network of information exchange throughout our bodies, and consists of two main parts. The first is the central nervous system (CNS). As it sounds, it’s our command center where all data comes to be processed, and is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The second is called the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and it connects every part of our body to our CNS through individual nerve cells called neurons and clusters of neurons known as ganglia.

The PNS is further divided into the Somatic Nervous System, also known as the voluntary nervous system, and the Autonomic Nervous System. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) manages all bodily functions that are not under conscious control. This includes heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, respiration, cellular activity, immune system, hormones, brain function, sexual function, and even body temperature.

The ANS is further divided into two parts: the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), which regulates our “fight or flight” response, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), which controls our “rest and digest” response. They work closely together in a complex dance, maintaining our bodily functions and ensuring our survival every second of our lives.

Many health issues, including most chronic diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety, and cancer, are related to an imbalance of our autonomic nervous system. Most typically, it is too much of the “fight or flight” and not enough of the “rest and digest” that leads us into this imbalance. [4]

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By:  Jessica Connell, LCSW

An Excerpt from Diane Calabrese's latest book:
"Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit"

In a world where ANXIETY & STRESS have become an expected ingredient to the bustling rat-race of our daily race, there remains countless signs from the medical community of a dire need for self-management in this department.  More than a comical quip, STRESS is (by all definitions) a KILLER -- and unbridled ANXIETY can spiral into physiological disorders causing rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and heart disease - elevating the risk of coronary events. Rooted from a lifestyle imbalances in our emotional state calls us to address an upgrade in the mind-body connection. 

GUIDED MEDITATIONS are a way to let go of your worries for the moment and bring you back to your true, authentic self. It helps re-align the chakras of your body to their natural state of vibration, –where you can live more fully, love more abundantly, and react in a peaceful state of mind. 

Your mind, body, and spirit are the essential parts of you. You are God’s precious gift to the world and there is nothing more beautiful than a soul in the state of peace. Guided meditation is one of many holistic healing modalities that has many benefits. The practice of guided meditation is dated back to the beginning of time, we all need to quiet the mind, to let go of all the chatter of everyday life, –to recharge, replenish and rejuvenate the soul. 

Meditation can be implemented for long and short periods of time. We live in a world that is constantly cluttering our lives. We need to take time out for ourselves. When we do that, –we feel more relaxed. We can give more of ourselves and to others in positive ways because we are refreshed. Meditation lifts our spirit to a higher level of vibration so that we can handle life’s troubles and triumphs to our best capability.  While working at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Northport, Long Island, –I would always include guided meditations as part of my practice with my patients. Many patients felt the soothing music and aromatherapy used in conjunction with the guided meditations made the experience even more pleasant, so it’s important to take note of what works best for you.

Meditation is a practice known to man since the beginning of time. The history of meditation is rooted back in religion and spiritual practice; however, as cultures and societies changed, –so did its practice. The English word “meditation” comes from meditatum, a Latin word meaning to “ponder.” When we ponder, –we reflect, we think. But instead of thinking in haste, –we think with clarity. We let go of toxic thoughts, –calming the mind, body, and soul to lead a more peaceful and happy life. There are many benefits to prayer, meditation, and guided imaginary. 

Meditation has proven benefits to reduce anxiety and depression; fear and apprehension; stress and tension; calming your mind and nerves; and improving your physical health. There are various forms of meditation and differences in how people respond to meditation. Each time you practice meditation, –you are generally, –able to let go more easily, and may go into a deeper meditation. You become light itself. Meditation increases your concentration and ability to stay focused.  Ultimately, it increases your wisdom and intuition. Meditating in the morning provides you with inspirational energy for the day, –and meditating in the evening encourages a restful sleep.

Meet our newest contributor:

Diane Calabrese, MS, CTRS is the author of Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit and is an adjunct professor for Florida International University. Diane was practicing as a recreational therapist for 30 years. She holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Policy and Management Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy. In addition, she has worked in a variety of healthcare settings. Diane's passion led her to continue her education in various holistic healing modalities.   

By: Dr. Leslie Valle & the Prevention101 Editorial Team

During the Covid-19 surge, interviews with emergency medical professionals showed dramatic cases of ICU and ER responders exposed to major signs of advanced fatigue and risk of burnout.  This significantly raised major risks to their work performance where lives are to be affected, including theirs.  Over time, double and triple shifts resulted in "a different type of pandemic" on a national scale- where this level of exhaustion and overwhelm.  

Where a leave of absence, a vacation or regular rest is not an immediate option, we can start with addressing BRAIN HEALTH AND MENTAL HEALTH.  Modern meditation solutions (like BrainTap®, Loving Meditations® and other such technologies) are now available for exactly this emergent case as a portable personal "Rescue" dose. By tap ping the mind/body connection into a Vital Re-charge mode, we can induce a "Refresh- Revitalize-Renew" condition.  As with conventional meditation, bringing you into a regenerative meditative state offers that level of rest, clears the mind for renewed focus and new energy to continue with the 'battle' at hand. 

By: David Dachinger & Joshua Schueller

Within the recent decade, a higher level of focus on brain health has been a trending topic in headlines throughout medical community news.  Public concerns about Alzheimer’s, Dementia, MS, ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases has driven advanced research in their diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention. According to Dr. Jay Lombard, “One of the most exciting opportunities in neuroscience research today is the use of strategies that protect the brain which may potentially prevent, delay or inhibit the progression of neurodegenerative diseases… this opportunity rests on our ability for early diagnosis. Research has shown that the likelihood of success for a given treatment-whether lifestyle changes or pharmacological approaches- is highly dependent upon early intervention, before the disease process has become too severe and potentially irreversible.” [1] 

 In addition, growing reports on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy/CTE (identified from head concussions) has prompted significant attention to this progressive brain condition.  According to the National Health Service (UK), this disorder “is thought to be caused by repeated blows to the head and repeated episodes of concussion. It's particularly associated with contact sports, such as boxing or American football. Most of the available studies are based on ex-athletes”. [2]

More concerns of brain function and performance is widely seen in the current pandemic and post-covid infection sequelae cases, where over 50 prevailing symptoms and disorders (known as LONG HAUL) are now under global review. Clinical researchers state post-acute COVID—affects a multitude of organ systems- including neuropsychiatric issues like BRAIN FOG, a form of cognitive impairment. This may be linked to a wide range of pathologies such as anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and recurring headaches and migraines. [3] In a recent meta-analysis study on long term effects of covid-19, Dr. Sonia Villapol (Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Center for Neuroregeneration in the Houston Methodist Research Institute & Asst. Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine) recorded significant long haul cases pertaining to brain health and functions including 44% headaches, 27% attention disorders, 13% anxiety, 12% depression. [4]

ROBERTA KLINE, MD (Educational Dir. /Women's Diagnostic Group) is a board-certified ObGyn physician, Integrative Personalized Medicine expert, consultant, author, and educator whose mission is to change how we approach health and deliver healthcare. She currently serves as Education Director for several organizations including the Women’s Diagnostic Health Network, Mommies on a Mission. 

LESLIE VALLE, MD - is the founder of Biomed Life/ Santa Barbara Longevity Center. After medical school, Dr. Valle focused on managing chronic disease starting with its links to poor nutrition and then introducing them into the world of energy frequencies.  She explores and includes non-invasive modalities such as: frequency therapies (including biofeedback), PEMF, proper detoxification, nutritional guidance and binaural beats as needed.

JOSH T. SCHUELLER is a licensed Physical Therapist supporting and treating chronic pain and disorders with non-invasive, treatment solutions. He is the current VP of Clinical Operations and Business Development at AxioBionics LLC. and is formerly the Clinical Director for Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinics (Rockford, MI).  He has over 20+ years experience in the treatment of neurological conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, CVA, Cerebral Palsy etc.

Lt. DAVID DACHINGER (Ret) - is a retired Fire Lieutenant with over 21 years as a leader in emergency services. He is also a Stage IV cancer survivor. He wrote cancer prevention policies for the Ridgefield CT Fire Department, and introduced physical fitness wellness initiatives. David hosts the video podcast “Responder Resilience”, which is dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of police, fire, EMS, and dispatch personnel. 

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